Beyond Public Speaking Tips: Why I Coach Women, Women of Color and First-Generation Professionals

Clear and thoughtful communication skills are a cornerstone of any good relationship; in both private and public spaces. Being a delightful and attentive conversationalist will make you memorable. An authentic and charismatic public speaker will attract a following of devoted customers, clients, or consumers. People who find their authentic voice and blend it will their passion thrive in their careers. And it is why I am committed to helping people find their authentic voice.

Unfortunately, the people I want to help are the same people who hide in the shadows of their past, literally and figuratively. They include introverts who have internalized the idea that public speaking requires high levels of extroversion. And women of color who are insecure about their voice and the power of their words. First-generation professionals who have worked very hard to succeed but then feel like imposters in their fields or careers.

These groups need special attention from public speaking coaches because meeting their needs means valuing their intersectional experiences and identities. To unleash the voice and power of introverts, first-generation professionals, and women of color, you must offer more than the typical public speaking tips and strategies. Coaches need to help them dig deep to understand what holds them back, what fears they are afraid to face and help them tap into their courage.

Becoming an authentic communicator requires more than simple tips and strategies to improve eye contact, voice, presence, and body language. It requires a full acknowledgment of who we are, what our strengths and weaknesses are, and deep appreciation for all that we've done and become, and a commitment to share ourselves authentically with the world. Sharing yourself, your voice, and your passion is HARD and could be why people fear public speaking more than death. What is worse than dying? Being judged and deemed unworthy. Dead people don't have to worry about any of that.

So, if you need a communication coach who will see you completely, reach out or sign up for the weekly newsletter.

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