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Easy College Transition Plan for Recent College Graduates

The transition from a structured schedule to an open, flexible one after graduation is freeing and challenging. And I've got tips for you.

Transitions are part of life. We all undergo and will continue to undergo many transitions over the course of our life.

A transition is a shift or change from a known, predictable experience to an unknown and uncertain experience.

In this instance, you're transitioning from college student to working professional over a few months or weeks. Because transitions come with many simultaneous changes like

  • Moving to a new city for a job,

  • Finding new housing,

  • Losing close friendships,

  • Returning home,

It is easy to get scared, stressed, and overwhelmed. It's also DARN hard to make confident decisions about your life under these conditions. There are too many things - feelings, emotions, decisions, challenges - tumbling in your mind and body to make sense of this transition and what your next step should be. Luckily, you have the capacity to harness transitional moments to make them impactful and materialize the life of your dreams.

But to do that, you must stop your tumbling mind.

You must STOP and assess this transitional moment, process your feelings and emotions, get clear about the decisions you need to make, and have a plan to address any challenges you are currently facing or will face during this transition.

Now, let's get everything out of your mind and onto paper so we can see the big picture and make intentional decisions about the future.

My Easy College Transition Plan for Recent College Grads training breaks down my 5-step transition planning framework and applies it to your college transition. It comes with a ready-to-use Google doc template, you can grab now.

This training is about 25 minutes but worth it. So, grab the template and follow along.

The goal of this transition plan training is to help you process your feelings and emotions and consolidate and organize all your competing priorities and life changes. By the end of the training, you will have a transition plan organized with essential information outlining the steps you need to take to meet your goals or achieve the results of your current transitional moment.

In this training:

  • You'll learn why transition planning is a must for all life transitions - personal and professional.

  • You'll learn why the research phase is the most important aspect of any transition planning and how to do it.

  • You'll understand why people who skip the research phase get stuck in the action-taking and implementation phase.

  • And, you'll also learn why you much have a closing - celebratory ritual - for all your transitional moments.

Episode Exercises

  • Create your own college transition plan.

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