Experts and Scholars, Please Join Social Media! Share Your Unique Expertise with the World.

This is a call to all experts and scholars who have extensive training in a specialized field or industry. The more niche your profession is, the more needed and interesting you are.

Please get on a social media platform of your choosing and share your knowledge broadly.

Share your experience, insight, perspective, and educate people about your field. We need experts and scholars from all industries entering the social sphere so that we can rebuild our nation's narratives on facts, science, and research. The amount of disinformation about science, politics, and history is alarming. We need experts sharing their work with us so that we become a more educated nation.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us into our homes and our need for connection and hope pushed us into social media. Some of us became content consumers and others became successful content creators.

I want to see more, hundreds more experts and scholars become successful content creators on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. I want you to use your voice to tell clear and concise stories about your field, expertise, and interests. Social media is offering you the opportunity to connect with large, diverse audiences across the globe. You are no longer limited to sharing your expertise and research at conferences. You now have access to platforms like YouTube and TikTok that allow you to share your work broadly. If audio suits your personality better, start a podcast.

I love YouTube, and joined TikTok at the start of the pandemic. Once I got out of trend TikTok, I found experts from a variety of fields sharing their expertise, and I’m loving it and so are millions of others.

I learn more on TikTok than in school” is a common phrase you will see on educational videos.

Dr. Kat epidemiologist (@epidemiologistkat) is educating hundreds on COVID-19 by turning hard to understand research and data into digestible pieces of information. Kellie Gerardi (@kelliegerardi) is introducing millions of women to the space industry and STEM careers, and Emily Calandrelli from Emily’s Wonder Lab is sharing her love for science with her devoted audience. Adam (@adamjthelawyer) is educating Californians on employment law and teaching people how to advocate for themselves. Matthis Baker (@matthiasjbarker) is doing a beautiful job introducing people to therapy by sharing the most insightful perspective on our difficult experiences and hard-to-name emotions.

I’m also loving that some experts are connecting their careers, experience, and identities. Joanne (@thekoreanvegan) shares tantalizing vegan recipes over personal reflection of her life as a woman, a successful lawyer, and of her life as a child of immigrant parents in America. She does all this in one video. If you find her on TikTok know that she will make you cry with her storytelling. I’m also loving Rachel Turner’s (@rachelbturner) account who branded herself a “business mentor for misfits and queer folks” and is introducing entrepreneurs to more ethical business practices and concepts like consent in business marketing.

I want to see more experts from STEM fields (oceanographers, biologist, zoologist, etc.), political science experts, historians representing all decades and eras, archeologists, linguists, and any obscure field I don’t know about.

If you are reading this article and don’t hold a specialized career but have a unique experience or point of view, join your favorite social media platform too.

Danielle Kirk (@daniellekirk731), a mom living in Appalachian, joined TikTok to share the history of the poor Appalachian community in Kentucky. As a Californian, it's a history I haven’t heard about.

We’re going into a period of rebuilding the nation and it will need YOU - your passion, interests, unique experiences, expertise and vision for social healing, joy, and connection. 2020 brought a lot of pain, fear, uncertainty, helplessness, but also brought joy, happiness, and a new recognition that our words and actions matter in this world. You can contribute to that healing by sharing yourself with the world.

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