4 Solid Tips to Live with Your Parents in Harmony After Graduation

Are you living with your parent after graduating college? Or are you contemplating moving in with your parents?

Moving in with your parents after leaving for college and graduating is not an easy choice. When I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012, we were still recovering from the Great Recessions. College graduates in all industries were still competing for jobs with professionals laid off in 2008. I knew returning home to live with my parents was an option but not one I was ready to take up. Or an option that gave me many opportunities.

I wanted to find a job in my career path and remain connected to professionals in my industry. I know I made the right choice, but now I also know that I could have returned home for a few months to reconnect with family and friends. I could have rested and recharged in community.

At that time, given the economy, I perceived all my options in black and white. My partner had a full-time, secure job with benefits, and asking him to leave his job seemed impossible. Separating to living in separate cities for several months also seemed impossible. (Yeah, I know, but lovebirds don't see things clearly).

If I could return in time, I would return home for a few months while my partner remained in the Bay Area.

So, if you've moved in with your parents or are considering it, I'd like to tell you it's a smart decision given the current economic and political climate. If your home is a safe place, go home for some time.

You may face challenges integrating into your family structure and dynamics. But I got 4-solid tips to help you return home without losing your independence and autonomy while keeping an eye on your long-term career goals and ambitions.

In this episode:

  • You'll learn why an action plan is essential to your return home now that life is more flexible.

  • You'll know how and why a predictable daily routine reduces your parent's stress and anxiety.

  • You'll learn why managing your parents' expectations is crucial to a harmonious living situation.

  • And you'll also understand why strong communications skills are critical to strong, trusting relationships.

This episode includes sample scripts for you to practice and adapt. You can also download the action plan Google template to start immediately.

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