Coaching by Rosamaria

A communication and career coach for today's mission-driven
first-generation professionals and women of color professionals.

Hi, I'm Rosamaria. 


I'm a communication and career coach. I teach first-generation professionals who've just graduated college or been in the workforce for less than ten years to market themselves so they stand out in the workplace. I help them prioritize their personal and career goals early in their career and align their career path with their dream life. We tackle the most frequent career roadblock to ensure they leverage their marketability in the workforce.  

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Interpersonal Communication

Speaking up in the workplace can be anxiety-inducing for a first-gen professional, but in a safe, non-judgmental environment, you can transform your communication skills and stand out in your career.

Public Speaking &

Passionate public speaking and storytelling can change the world, and catapult your career or business. Fall in love with the public speaking process so that you can tell your own story and make a difference in this world.



Is your mindset sabotaging you, first gen professional? We all want to be over our negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. But retraining your mindset takes time, compassion, and guidance. Let’s do the work together. We’ll address mindset challenges related to culture, career, and goals.

Career and Life Coaching 

Feeling aimless, stagnated, and unmotivated? Don't know what you should do next? I can help you clarify and prioritize your life and career goals and walk you through any transitions that originate from aligning your personal and professional goals.