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About Rosamaria


I'm a Career Coach for First-Generation Latina Professionals. 

I'm a career coach based in California. I guide, coach, and support first-generation professionals, women of color professionals, and young professionals starting their careers. I can help you thrive at work and stand out in your career and communities.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

I'm an Immigrant and a Daughter of Farmworkers. 

I was born in Michoacan, Mexico. My mother crossed the border with my brother and me when I was four to reunite with my father. We moved to the Central Valley so that my parents could work as farmworkers. Soon enough, I was a fluent English speaker enrolled in elementary school and making my way through the education system with "no detectable accent" and assimilating to American life. And now, I float in and out of both worlds.


I'm a UC Berkeley Graduate. Go Bears!

I graduated from UC Berkeley twice. And both times, I felt unprepared. However, with the support of mentors, friends, and a lot of hard work, I obtained a bachelor's in psychology and sociology and a master's in social welfare focused on management and planning. If you are a first-gen student attending UC Berkeley, remember that you belong there. It's easy to feel out of place when you're the first in your family to enter spaces and places that have been exclusive. 


I'm a Racial and Economic Justice Advocate.

I want to live in a fair and just society where all people can live happy, healthy, and satisfying lives. For eight years, I've worked in the nonprofit policy sector on projects and initiatives that push for equity in all policymaking and program development to make America more just and fair for low-income communities and communities of color.  


Fighting for an equitable nation so our children and communities can be happy, healthy, and safe.


I'm a Mother, a Bookworm, and more...

I am a mom to an intuitive 20-year old son, and to a baby girl who arrived in early 2020, making the lockdown and pandemic bearable. I'm sure that this chaotic time would've been awful without her shenanigans. I'm also a reader. I love reading and rereading books that inspire me and teach me something new about this incredible, complex world. I'm currently reading, What Happened to You? I also binge-watched all seasons of Grey's Anatomy as I'm a late follower, and watched Bridgerton six times during the lockdown. Although excessive, I felt that the show was light, bright, and playful, and just what I needed during this pandemic. 

And I'm Available to be Your Coach and Mentor.

Life gets lonely for first-gen professionals because the path is usually traveled alone, but we don't have to do it alone any longer. 
I'm here to offer my experience, knowledge, learnings, and insights to build a community of connected, empowered first-gen Latina professionals who seek to realize their version of the American Dream. 

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